Our Caring & Compassionate Veterinary Team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic in Bonnyville! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Dr. Benoit graduated as valedictorian of his class, from St. Georges University, Grenada, in 2005. He grew up in the Lakeland region and comes from a veterinary and farming background complete with a love for animals. Greg spent significant time in his younger years playing hockey and showing jumpers competitively.

In 2003, Dr. Benoit spent the summer in Wetaskawin, AB at the Bell Veterinary Services clinic where he developed an interest in equine reproduction and then accepted an externship in 2004 and an internship from July 2005 – June 2006 at Moore & Co. in Calgary where he was responsible for all facets of equine medicine including minor surgeries, lameness exams, reproduction and medical workups. Following his internship Dr. Benoit worked at the Equine Medical Centre in North Chatham, New York, where he continued specializing in equine medicine and reproduction.

Greg also worked with his father and brother at Centre Animal Hospital, in Cold Lake, where he was responsible for all facets of small animal medicine including minor and major surgeries, medical workups and routine examinations; and he worked with Dr. Bill Prybysh at the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic in 2007. In March of 2008 Dr. Benoit purchased the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic where he continues to offer small and large animal services to the Bonnyville area.

In February 2009, Greg married his long-time friend, Allison Reid, who is also a partner in the business. They have 3 children together, Norah born in February 2010, Owen born in July 2011 and Easton, a Mother’s Day gift, born in May 2013.

Dr. Tammy Anderson, DVM,

Dr. Tammy Anderson was born in St. Paul, AB., in 1981 and spent the first 5 years of her life on her parent’s farm. At the young age of 3, Tammy told her father that she was going to be a “horsie doctor”, and she spent a great deal of her childhood helping him take care of the animals on the family farm. Her arrow was pointed, and it’s never wavered from that direction. At the age of 5 she moved to PEI and spent the next 22 years there.

Although she loved PEI, Tammy always felt that Alberta was her home. During her University years she tried to spend every summer in Alberta and one fateful summer (2006), Tammy met Jordan, whom she would marry in 2010.

Tammy graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2008, and quickly moved back to Alberta. She accepted a veterinary position at the Edmonton Veterinarian’s Emergency Clinic and during her 3 1/2 years working there she cared for many cats and dogs. After working the stressful hours of emergency, Tammy decided that she wanted to work in a clinic where she could provide high-quality preventative medicine to pets and their families. She soon became a welcome addition to the BVC team.

Tammy and Jordan decided to settle in Lottie Lake where they currently live with their two adorable children, Madalyne & Maddox.

Dr. Melanie Koetke, DVM,

Dr. Melanie Koetke grew up on a cattle and grain farm outside Camrose, Alberta. She completed two years at the University of Alberta before attending the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to complete her Veterinary degree. Dr. Koetke graduated from the WCVM in 2017, and joined the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic team shortly after graduation.

Growing up on a beef farm, Dr. Koetke developed a strong interest in herd medicine and reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer. Working at other Veterinary clinics in the past, Dr. Koetke also came to enjoy small animal wellness and behaviour.  Dr. Koetke is our main bovine doctor, and ALL of our farm clients know her well; but she also cameos at our sister clinic, Centre Animal Hospital, and keeps her small animal medicine very up to date.

Dr. Koetke is well known amongst the staff for her extensive lexicon; her quirky sense of humour, and her love of life.  She is very knowledgeable and patient, and loves to teach others.  In her spare time, Dr. Koetke enjoys playing sports, reading and helping out on the family farm. ​

Dr. Esther Derksen, DVM,

Dr. Esther Derksen grew up on a family farm in southwest Saskatchewan, outside of Swift Current. She completed three years of undergraduate studies at CMU in Winnipeg before attending the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to complete her Veterinary degree. Dr. Derksen graduated from the WCVM in 2020, and immediately became a part of Animal Health Providers.  Though primarily employed at the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic, she also shares time at our sister clinic, Centre Animal Hospital in Cold Lake. 

Dr. Derksen has always had a passion for food animal medicine and agriculture (after all, everybody eats!) particularly in the livestock-wildlife interface, but she has also developed an appreciation for the small animal side of practice.  Willing to try most things, she has a niche interest in small ruminants (sheep, goats, etc) and camelids (around here, that is alpacas and llamas). 

Outside of work, Dr. Derksen’s love of horses is predominant; there is nothing more freeing than a good ride!  She has one horse of her own (Karmina) and a cat (Wilbur) and enjoys spending her time outdoors, preferably with one or both of her animal companions.  You may even catch her taking Wilbur for a walk when the weather is nice.  

Dr. Sarah Hanson, DVM,

Dr. Sarah Hanson has officially come “home” again to join our Team as an Associate Veterinarian. Dr. Hanson is a local girl who first appeared at Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic as a volunteer when Dr. Bill Prybysh owned the clinic back in 2006.  Since then, Sarah has earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, graduating in 2013.

After graduation, life – (her husband Dean) – took Dr. Sarah Hanson to the cities where she practiced small animal veterinary medicine at the Leduc and Beaumont Veterinary clinics.  She then practiced as an Emergency Veterinarian at Guardian Emergency Centre as well as at Edmonton Veterinary Emergency Clinic downtown. Before coming home to Bonnyville she also was in Red Deer for two years practicing small animal medicine again.

Dr. Hanson now has two young daughters, Lily and Rose, and she and her husband, Dr. Dean Hanson are setting up roots in our community. Dr. Sarah Hanson looks forward to getting back into large animal medicine and continuing her special interests in small animal medicine and surgery once she returns from her maternity leave.

Tracy Coonce,
Practice Manager

After 15 years of working in Admin & HR for the Department of National Defense, Tracy changed directions and joined Animal Health Providers in February of 2016.  

Tracy can often be heard saying that she takes care of the people in the company, and leaves the animal work to the trained professionals.  Tracy splits her time between the two clinics; Bonnyville Vet Clinic and Centre Animal Hospital in Cold Lake; and while she is mostly behind the scenes, you may occasionally run into her helping out or coaching when you are in either of the clinics.  

Tracy moved to Cold Lake in 1997, married her husband Chris in 2006, and has two wonderful boys, Conner and Devin.  Tracy and her family own an acreage just outside of Cold Lake, with plenty of room for their 4-legged counterparts:  Copper, their gentle golden retriever; and 4 cats: Bauer, Sugar, Piper & Carlos.  Outside of work, Tracy’s interests include travelling, music, and spending time with her family and friends (aka chosen family).  As a hockey mom and manager, she can often be found at or near a rink for a good 8 months of the year.  In the spring and summer, she tries to spend as much time on her deck in the sun as possible.

Tracy is known for her friendly attitude; her positivity, and her empathetic, caring nature.  If you do run into her in the clinic, undoubtedly you will receive a smile and a warm welcome.

Alison Peddle,

Alison was born and raised on the east coast of Newfoundland. She made the move to Bonnyville in 2001 where she planted her roots and started a family with her husband Paul. They now live on an acreage with their two daughters and an abundance of pets.

Before coming to Alberta, Alison worked in a vet clinic and because of her love for animals she has now made her way back into that environment. She loves interacting with the clients and animals she has the privilege of meeting everyday. 

Outside of work Alison’s favourite thing to do is spend time with her family and pets. They currently have 5 cats, 3 dogs, 1 turtle, 2 hamsters, 4 ducks, 2 chickens, 5 bunnies, a donkey, a pony and a miniature pig.

Toni Shmyr,

Toni was born in Bonnyville, but moved away with her family as a baby.  She moved back to the area in 2005, and spent the last 7 years working sales in the oilfield.  
In October of 2019 she switched gears and joined our team as a Veterinary Medical Receptionist where her sunny personality shines with our clients.
Toni lives on acreage outside Bonnyville with her husband Ryan, their 3 daughters and their ever-growing fur baby family – currently at 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 potbelly pigs, and 2 lambs. 
Some of Toni’s favourite things to do are travelling and camping!  The warmer months in the Lakeland will find Toni and her family camping all summer along, in addition to taking annual trips to BC. 

Toni’s favourite part of the job so far is loving ALL the animals who come through our doors.  

Danica King,

Danica joined our team in 2010 after moving to the area with her then fiancé, Greg. Since that time, they have married and welcomed two beautiful children into the world, a sweet little girl, Natalie, in October 2013, and an adorable little boy, Isaac, in February 2016.

Danica graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at NAIT, in Edmonton in 2007, and worked in the Edmonton area prior to moving to Bonnyville.

Danica loves everything about surgery, has a special interest in anaesthesia and dentistry, and has a huge soft spot for cats. She is generally our Primary Treatment Person, and spends much of the day running the treatment area and pharmacy – she’s a busy girl! 

Outside of work she loves reading, doing crafts and spending time with her family and friends.

Danica & Greg currently have a cat, Gwen, and a gecko named Mary Jane making up the pet portion of their family.

Lisa Tymofichuk,

Lisa grew up on a ranch in the Stoney Lake, Alberta area. She spent lots of time helping with the cattle and training performance horses with her dad. Barrel racing is her main hobby and Lisa’s boyfriend Lance introduced her to sledding in the mountains, which she discovered that she also loves!

Lisa graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College in May 2013. She moved to Bonnyville, AB shortly after and joined our team.

Lisa enjoys working with both large and small animals, especially the bison! You will most often see her in the “cow palace”, out on farm calls, or running back and forth between the barn and the main clinic.  Although she does spend some time in small animal, she is our number one girl in the bovine side of or practice; and most of our farmers will be very familiar with her. 

In 2014, Lisa adopted a 3 legged dog from our local SPCA, naming him Tanner. In 2016, she also rescued a Pitbull and named her Quinn; and since then, she’s welcomed a sweet little black and white cat named Roo into the family.  The couch space is becoming a hot commodity when Lisa & Lance are home with all of the animals; but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dakota Creguer-Norgate,

In 2015 Dakota started her journey into the animal health industry as she enrolled in the Veterinary Medical Assistant at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. She quickly realized that the animal health industry is where she wanted to be. She continued her education and graduated from the Animal Health Technician course at Lakeland College in June 2019. She joined our team just before that, in May 2019. Dakota is still learning her favourite areas, as everything is so exciting coming out of school! 

Dakota & her boyfriend Clinton have recently adopted a longhair cat named Otis, and they also have a Betta fish named Ginny.  Dakota can be found at either one of our clinics, depending on the day; as she works seamlessly at both locations.

Outside of work, Dakota enjoys spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys playing sports such as rugby and soccer!

Menette Sulz,

Menette was born and raised on the family dairy farm in Fort Kent, AB. Leaving the Bonnyville area when she was 16, her family moved to Wainwright and then she continued on to Edmonton before making her way back to Bonnyville in 2006.

Menette started working at the clinic with the previous owner Dr. Prybysh in 2006 and continued on with the clinic when Dr. Benoit bought the practice in 2008. She is the most well-known face in the clinic!

In the summer of 2015 Menette purchased her first house/acreage with her boyfriend Mike, and in August of 2016 they got married. Menette has recently returned from maternity leave, as in August of 2018, Mike & Menette welcomed their twin daughters, Peyton and Naomi into their world.  The Sulz family resides on their acreage with their two cats, Mona & Mali, and their two horses, Rusty & Angelina.

Faith Janz,

Faith graduated in May 2018 from the Veterinary Medical Assistant program at NAIT, and she did her final practicum with us just prior to graduation.  In July of 2018, she joined our team full-time.  Faith spends quite a bit of her time in the bovine barn with Lisa, as well as out on farm calls; so many of our farm clients are well-acquainted with her face (even though she’s pretty darned quiet, so she may not have said too much!)

Faith always had animals growing up, and she knew she wanted to work with them; when she was a little girl, she wanted to be a vet.   Faith grew up in Glendon, and now lives with her boyfriend Matthew – with their 4 cats: Lucky, Luna, Medusa & Evee, their boxer-mix Delilah, a hamster named Dash and a Beta fish named Blue.  

Although quiet, Faith is always smiling, and is super fun to work with.  She’s a refreshing addition to our team.

Maegan Quinn,

Maegan first started with Animal Health Providers in Feb 2015 at our sister clinic, Centre Animal Hospital, after finishing her Veterinary Medical Assistant program at NAIT in 2014.  She moved over to Bonnyville in the summer of 2015 to live out her passion for bovine medicine! 
Shortly after, she got accepted into the Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College and graduated with Honors in 2018.  Maegan took a year away from BVC to explore more of what the Lakeland had to offer, but has since come back to her BVC family (Sept 2019), as a part time Registered Veterinary Technologist.
When Maegan is here, you can usually find her either in the bovine barn, or there’s a good chance she is in the kennel room loving on some of the hospital patients in-clinic that day.  
Maegan lives south of Elk Point on an acreage with her husband Jonas, 3 rescue mutts, 2 cats, 4 cows, 3 horses and some laying hens!  In her spare time, she loves horseback riding, and spending time outside with her animals.