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    Hi, my name is Bruno!  I am a 9-year-old German Shepherd.  My story starts back in 2007: when I was just a pup, someone ran me over! I recovered quickly, but my Vet told my Mom and Dad that I would be more prone to joint pain, arthritis and possible ligament tearing as I got older. As the years went on I couldn’t bear to let anyone touch my back legs anymore (not even my family!) because I was in so much pain.  I couldn’t tell them that though, so I would growl at them. I didn't enjoy my visits to the Vet anymore, I always had to be muzzled before we went in because I didn’t like it when they touched my back end (it was tender!).  I would growl at the staff there, and sometimes even snap.  One day in 2015, I was running and playing outside when I suddenly slipped on ice.  I yelped and my mom came out to see what I had done.  She couldn't help me, so my family booked me an appointment with my Veterinarian. I got in quickly and had some x-rays of my leg done.  Later on, I heard Dr. Benoit speaking with my parents on the phone, and he told them I had a torn cruciate ligament, and the best case scenario for me was a surgical procedure involving the placement of a titanium plate.  Dr. Benoit said this surgery would allow me to walk comfortably and allow my knee to withstand moderate activity levels.

With serious discussion my parents decided to go forth with the surgery and in no time I was booked in.  The day before my surgery was scheduled, another tragedy struck! I slipped on ice again, and tore the ligament in my other knee.  My parents talked to Dr. Benoit again, and determined that with proper recovery time in between, the two TTA surgeries was the only option that would allow me to live.  I came to the clinic, was checked in; and underwent my first Tibial Tuberosity Advancement surgery.  Dr. Benoit told me that this surgery changes the biochemical force of the knee and would allow me to walk comfortably after several weeks of strict rest, (and a second surgery!) so that new bone could form at the site of the surgical repair.  After my surgery, I 

stayed overnight in the clinic, and then went home to follow doctor’s orders of strict rest! After this first surgery, I continued coming into the Vet for check-ups, first weekly then bi-weekly; and in no time my knee started to feel better.  As I started to feel better, I was less resistant when people tried to touch me.  It was a nice change for all of us!  6 ½ weeks later, I went in for my second surgery, and followed the same strict rest and recovery that I had been prescribed before.  Once I recovered from this second surgery, I felt like a new dog! My trips to the Vet became much more pleasant and I no longer had to wear a muzzle before entering the clinic, since I wasn’t sore and upset anymore!  Now I go visit my friends at the clinic once a month for my Cartrophen injection, and I am always greeted warmly by everyone. I even let all the wonderful staff touch me and clip my back toe nails without getting mad at them. I hear my family say that they see a huge improvement in not only my physical health but in my behaviour towards others. Having done the TTA surgery was the best decision my family ever made for me and that is all thanks to the wonderful staff at the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic.

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