“I honestly cannot say enough good things about the vets who have personally cared for each of my 4 furbabies over the past few years!
With each yearly check-up to the more serious issues each one has had, I bring my babies to this Clinic with confidence. From day 1 when I called asking if they would take on my “aggressive” dog to my most recent visit (yesterday) when I had to say goodbye to one of my precious cats…… my furbabies have always received the best care and I have been treated with so much compassion and respect (as I try to learn as I go with all that goes on with my beasts lol). I appreciated so much the patience and kindness from ALL of the staff working yesterday as I cried. It’s such an amazing thing when you KNOW these people get it and aren’t just out for the money! Thank you so much for all you do!”
– Donna Hill

“I would like to take this time to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all the amazing staff at the Bonnyville Vet clinic……please know that your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!! We have had a very busy year with all 3 of our horses and have relied heavily on this group of professionals too keep them all in tip top shape from having our Dressage/show jumping horse caught in a fence in early spring too breeding our Mare the level of care was outstanding!! Thank you for all you do for us and always being there when we need you our horses are not just an investment they are our family and they deserve the best care in the Lakeland!!”
– The Pashak Family

“I can’t thank our Vet’s enough! They came in on Christmas Eve to save my dog Lola. She was as close to death as I have ever seen a animal and they took time out of their Christmases to help me and my family. There are no words to express our gratitude; for how thorough they were and compassionate. Our Christmas would have been so much darker without their efforts.”
– Sherry Waldner

“I was spoiled by both Dr. Neil Cory and Dr. Bill Prybysh for a whole lot of years. Then both gentlemen retired to a less hectic and stressful life than the life of being a Vet.

When Dr. Greg Benoit purchased the Bonnyville Vet Clinic 10 years ago, I figured there was not a chance in hell at his young age that he could possibly know as much as my 2 all time favorite Vets with so many years of experience under their belts.

I don’t know if Greg remembers the run in we had shortly after he took over the clinic? I was nasty and Greg was not having any of it. We didn’t come to blows but it was damn close?

So here I sit, 10 years later with nothing but praise for Dr Greg Benoit and all his staff. Every last one of those young ladies are awesome and dedicated to helping animals.

It is pretty hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I guess I am that old dog. I thought I knew most everything when it comes to domestic animals (especially dogs) but Greg is continually teaching me things and I thank him for that. So actually, “Your Never To Old To Learn”!!!

As for their prices? I would rather pay any prices anywhere knowing my dogs are getting the best treatments available. And in my humble opinion? They are the best.

God Bless Dr. Greg Benoit and his wonderful staff.”
– Gayle Bunney

“We a miracle foal last night. With all the stars lined up, our local vet and good friend, Dr Greg Benoit from the Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic saved both mom and filly from what is normally a disastrous outcome. The foal was head first, feet back and along with being upside down. Everyone is doing fine this morning. This isn’t the first time Dr Benoit has gone above and beyond expectations for us. Thanks again.”
– Laurier-Tricia Beaunoyer

“Phoned in this morning to get my dogs paw looked at, was told show up at 11:10 for walk-in clinic and was seen by the vet within a half hour. Glad they have the walk in for situations that may arise overnight.”
– Kim Olson

“Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic for fixing up our beloved golden retriever Denali. She was in such good hands and has made a full recovery!”
– Lindsay Grinevitch

“The most amazing and caring people! Nothing but praise for this clinic. Greg and Allison run a first class business.”
– Darcy James

“Tammy and Lisa, I don’t know their last names, were so helpful and saving the life of my favourite dog Belle, not to mention all seven of the puppies that were inside of her! I am forever grateful for them working on a Sunday in the cold and helping us. Also for letting me help them. I’m pleased to say that Belle and all seven puppies are doing great! They were awesome and I will be happy to make the trip from St. Paul to Bonneyville just to work with them again. Thank you”
– Unkle Grubz

“We’ve had a lot of contact with Bonnyville Vet clinic since moving here in 2013 – Having our dog Sophie, our Cat Chloe they have always been wonderful. They’re happy to work with you to make sure your pets are happy and healthy. I’ve taken Hobo kittens there a few times as well to get advice on their care prior to getting them into shelters/rescues. They were insanely supportive when we even lost a kitten tragically. I can’t say enough to support the gals at this clinic and their professionalism and care towards clients needs! Thank you for taking care of our fur babies :)”
– Tracy Carnegie

“Dr. Eric LaPorte came in after hours to look over our cat when we were worried about his health. Very professional and showed great care for our cat even petting him to help keep him calm (I’d not seen a vet pet or scratch any of my cats) and even called himself to follow up. Great service and definitely recommend”
– Courtney Cassandra Rondeau

“I need to express my sincere thanks for the Cold Lake And Bonnyville staff. Dr. G. Benoit and Dr. Kutryk have taken such excellent care of us. I feel that all the decisions we’ve had to make for our furry family members have been based on honest and heartfelt facts. I truly appreciate the time spent at each visit, the calls in between, and the support during the hard times. A special thanks to Haylie for all the extra check ins and help.”
– Teri Ballard

“Love that this clinic is open or on call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their commitment to the animals in their care shines through in their standards of practice and I know that no matter the day or hour there is always someone to take care of my animals!! Thank you for ensuring we have the highest level of care, and that you take time out of your evenings, weekends and holidays to look after our pets!!”
– Shannon Reid Berlinguette

“Could have lost our little Pomeranian and her litter yesterday, but quick acting from the vets and our breeched puppies were out and our little girl is doing great! 🙂 Thank you so much guys!!!!!”
– Heather Payne-Powell

“Despite being very busy, the staff are always kind, compassionate, and courteous. I can’t imagine what they go through every day between the routine check ups and vaccinations to the emotional emergencies and euthanasias.
Good job bonnyville veterinarians and support staff!!”
– Charlene Oakenshield

“Defiantly would refer Bonnyville vet to anyone I know. There prices are so reasonable and the staff are amazing”
– Jessica Berlinguette

“Excellent service and friendly staff. Thank you for looking after our colts.”
– Kelvin, Connie and Amber Sadowinski

“Great staff and always willing to help with any problems that arise.”
– Heather Mutch