Large Animal Services

As a rural mixed-animal clinic aspiring to meet the needs of our equine and bovine clientele, we offer a number of other services which include:

  1. Equine Dentistry: includes a full dental exam with speculum and power float – part of your horse’s annual care.
  2. Equine Radiology: using a newer portable equine x-ray machine we are able to take diagnostic images of all 4 limbs and head.
  3. Equine Reproduction: We offer stabling facilities, ultrasound for breeding / pregnancy exam and artificial insemination.
  4. Equine Hospitalization: Providing shelters and paddocks for equine patients that require long term care.
  5. Equine Medicine & Surgery: Providing a variety of equine medical services such as routine lab work, dentals, and elective surgeries such as castrations and soft tissue surgeries. All Equine medicine & surgery is done within our equine facility which is equipped with box stalls, isolation and foaling stall, surgery and exam rooms, padded recovery room and wash bay.
  6. Equine Lameness & Prepurchase Exams: Providing a full scale physical exam including gate analysis, hoof testers, flexion tests and nerve blocks.
  7. Bovine Semen Testing: Providing handling facilities to accommodate up to 3 bulls in-clinic. We offer farm calls for more than 3 bulls and use a Silencer chute system during farm visits.
  8. Bovine Obstetrics: Providing handling facilities in-clinic with a rotating caesarean chute, allowing for a safe, controlled environment.
  9. Bovine Medicine and Surgery: Providing a range of services including broken leg casting, physical examination and post-mortems. We also offer services not covered under VSI such as hernia repairs. We have on-site handling facilities to accommodate up to 3 cows for pregnancy testing – farm calls are available for anything above this number of animals.
  10. Other: Some additional services we provide to our area include brucellosis testing in elk, and medical treatment for alternative species such as bison, deer, sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas.